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The EZ Payment Solution - Paying Providers in Full Since 1997

According to Physician’s Practice magazine, billing inefficiencies cost the average practice between $30,000 and $40,000 a year.

Consumer-driven health plans put more financial responsibility on the patient. As a result, you collect less and pay more. With HealthEZ, your patients can pay you before you bill them. Now that is innovation in service.

How It Works

  • A HealthEZ member presents a HealthEZ ID card with the statement: No Payment Due at the Time of Service
  • HealthEZ collects from the patient what they owe you
  • You receive payment in full from HealthEZ, patient and plan funds, in one check

What You Do

  • You sign a brief, straightforward agreement to become a HealthEZ provider
  • You pay a nominal transaction fee only when you are paid in full
  • There is no implementation fee, no capital investment, no risk

Time and Cost Savings

We collect for you! Get paid in full. No more hassles trying to collect what the patient owes you.

  • Reduce bad debt
  • Process one check for multiple patients and visits
  • Accelerate payment cycles and improve cash flow
  • Focus staff time on patient care, not collections
  • Gain and retain patients who participate in HealthEZ
  • No more balance billing


How is the HealthEZ transaction fee processed?

The transaction fee will automatically be deducted from your payment. You pay only when you receive payment in full.

What does the patient’s health plan card say about co-pays?

Since HealthEZ pays you in full, co-pay due information is not listed on the patient’s health plan card.

Will HealthEZ pay for denied or non-covered services?


Do I have to sign up with a different network or agree to a different fee schedule?


Average Claim DistributionHealthEZpay chart

Billing Cost for a $250 Claim

The Current Way
Bill administration expense $25*
Credit card processing fee (2-4%) $7.50
Bad debt expense (8-10%) (uncollectables) $22.50
Total Cost $55

The HealthEZ Way
HealthEZ average transaction fee $14
No changes, no disruptions, no credit card fees or expense of multiple bills
Total Cost $14
Total Savings $41

* Assumes two bills at $10-$15 were sent to the patient

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